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Monday, April 20, 2009

this 3 gurls a,kdg2 bwat wa hepi..
kdg2 bikin gak wa pusiing..

but im enjoy and spent a lot happy moment with them.let me tell bout them secara ringkas.

azie is ma friend that i know her via frenster,dia dak kedah dok alor staq kowt..then im suprised that she studies with me in uitm.what frightened me is she studied in the same course with me in uitm.but,she now had hold the title as ex uitm because she is studying in ipgm kampus penang.we become friend since 2008 until now..

meanwhile,ezalya also ex uitm.she also get along with azie and me since we study together in uitm.after we all get the offer to ipgm,we are a bit suprised that three of us will studied together again in one ipgm,ezalya azie and me become more nearer and our bond getting stronger.hahahah..we love to travelling a lot.ezalya with her pinky kembara be the most important transport for us.

last,she is neynie come from key ell..hahah..although from kl she still a good gurl wut.not like other key ellian girls.she got so many rules at house.she also had a curfew whenever she arrived at her house.neynie had a beautiful voice among us,some of my music friends called her salom because neynie had sing one of saloma`s song..bila larut malam on the P RAMLEE`s night.actually,neynie come had a brilliant background of singing.she come from a boarding school in kl and be the leader of the persatuan nasyid there.

now u know...
how really special them to me...
recent place that we go together....

gurney plaza
bukit jambul
bukit bendera
bt feringgi
n a lot of place that i couldnt remember now...

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