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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tugu memperingati askar-askar yang gugur dalam peperangan dalam kemerdekaan dan hasilnya ialah kegembiraan barisan pemimpin di masa hadapan yang mengecapi keerdekaan yang diperjuangkan

9:32 PM

Monday, December 28, 2009

ya ya...dis year bnyk gak la rintangan dan cobaan y melanda...hahaha
slah paham..gado2..bcanggah pndpat..majuk2..bese a sume uh...
pkare bese tok sume psgn kot...
so aku amek sume uh sbg pngalamn dan pngajaran..
tp even gado2 pn...tup tup...
da staun lebey aku ngn 'beliau'..huhu..
sgt2 bsyukur..n smpi skng aku masih syg dye..
n skng neh aku sdg blaja wat bese cm y AKU nk...basha !! aza fightin !!
hurm..thnx a lot wana utk semua pkare y blaku dis year..
ha...ade event besa gak dis year aku ngn dye..
ta sgke...last2 dpt gak aku jmp ngn dye..haha...igt 9 taun lg br dpt jmp...cheng cheng...
first date ku di klcc pd 3 december 2009 ...
scare live nye...dye sgt cantik,,,;p
peramah tapi ta la bnyk ckp sgt...mesra jek...sorenye sgt sexy ouh...malu2 kucin pn ade gak ak dbwatnye.... ske gelak ketawa...suke pukol org...hahah..mmg habit kowt....,;;p
tapi kurengnye jln lmbt sbb pakai high -heels ...hahaha...ksian pulak tgk dye...aku pn terpaksa la phm..cheh!!tngate lak..sowie wana...n personally dye sgt baek :)
im fellin so lucky got her..

10:24 AM

Saturday, May 23, 2009

diz pixca is taken time penggambaran bersama kaki lensa n company...geng2 che mud a nih..beliau amat pakar woo..set camera slr ke xlr pown ak tataw nak kata...byk tol lens yg dia ada..dats y kowt pgl kaki lensa..
hahaha..actually kaki lensa adakan sesi fotografi ngan sebuah band yg diberi nama sementara kin gambar secara solo..diz pixca telah diambil secara rasmi..
bukan penyanyi solo ye..
juz gamba pemain gitar jek dalam band tersebut..papepown..chaiyok2 kin zoo..

8:20 AM

this replica of an old house is a part of the most important thing in lela mayang play.this house was build by IPGM KPP`s drama club..some of the KEKKWA volunteers also contribute their energy to build this this play,i had take part in music director,but..the play needs me to act as an what we call ~hulubalang~ in order to make this event success,i need to sacrifice and juz involved unlively at the end of the story.besides me,thre are naqib,rafy and hakim which act together as dato chadang`s followers..that night be the most trembling night i ever had..the costume did not suite me and everyone start to point me who is the skinniest hulubalang that they ever see.waaaa,"

8:10 AM

bagan ajam??
no larh..
his name is wan suhairi..he is one of da teslian in IPGMKPP.ade macam van kilmer x??hoho..
actually juz for fun to write bout him here.this pic taken at mami cafe while we are waiting for our tomyam..actually bagan is a wise thinking person,for me laa..although he look so young but no one could expect that he is older 2 years than me..this ex sdarian guy play rugby well here in i4p.he is somekind of dota addict before he come to i4p.he said that he plays dota 24-7 while he is studying in m3x before.akhir kata,cheer for bagan,hip..hip..hooray~^^

8:09 AM

p.d stand for port dickson which situated in between of n9 n malacca.this picture is taken in front of ria apartmen which i rent for 2days n 2 night.we can seee there is so many people enjoy picniking n swimming there.besides,there`s also some extreme activities such banana boat,jet ski n parachute.we can play all of the games at a reasonable rate.

8:06 AM

hahah..dun b confuze wif da title..dats not motorsikal k..moto2 itu ialah ma henfon..motorola v3xx maxx..ia dipanggil moto2 sempena nama watak badak yang gagah dalam stoey madagascar 2...hoho..kenapa ia dikatakan amat berjasa..haa..yg tu yg kita nak tawu tu..heheh..act,diz fon slalu ikowt wa kmana saja wa pegi..even dalam jamban skalipown..x kira time mandi gosok gigi ia tetap berguna untuk wa mereply msg2 yg mndtg..func dye byk..bole 3g gak..time bhushan2 wa 3g a anak buah wa kat umah..time bzday wa yg ke 19,,moto2 tlh mnjadi mgsa kerakusankuh kerna ia dgunakan sepanjang minggu..freecol beb..sape nk bazirkan..gayut a cam tarzan skalipown..actually saje ltak diz pic sbb nk prove kan yg camera dye mmg cun..kbykan gambar wa yg beribu2 tu suma dtgkap mggunakan moto2..
sbb wa malas bwk camera..bwat berat jek..
akhir kata..thanx moto2^^

8:04 AM

diz men beside me called md naqib zaqwan..
he is so `baek`..hahahahah..actually tpikir nk tulis bout him bcoz ari2 dye r jadi kapla celebrate ma bezday party kat gajuz..cisss...
bpe byk telur daa ak kne baling..last2..bagan,anuar n akoo komplot serang kepala projek neh..heheh..mane bole lepas bgtu saja..btw,diz pixca is taken at auditorium p ramlee..time teater lela mayang..ak numpang moto lc dye jek a tiap kali g rehearsal teater itu..
hal ini telah merapatkan lg hubungan persahabatan antra ak dan ex semesti neyh kerana byk masa diluangkan bersama.tambahan pula,kehadiran hamster yg diberi nama `mocca` turut menganehkan lg suasana..naqib telah membawa ku menaiki lc untuk memborong sekor hamster cokelat..bdekatan auditorium p ramlee atau name spesifik tempat itu iaitu roadwalk..dye kwat cakap sbb tu dye bepidato..bebahas dan segala yang sewaktu dengannya..selain itu,dye rajen melawat ke sbp2 laen yg ak pown tataw sbbnye..hahahmayb sbb ketekunannya dalam profesion keguruan..oleh itu..all da best ma fwen..hip..hip hooray~~~

8:01 AM

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Vespa is an Italian line of scooters manufactured by Piaggio.

The Vespa has evolved from a single model motor scooter manufactured in 1946 by Piaggio & Co. S.p.A. of Pontedera, Italy — to a full line of scooters and one of seven companies today owned by Piaggio — now Europe's largest manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles and the world's fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer by unit sales.[1]

From their inception, Vespa scooters have been known for their painted, pressed steel unibody which combines a complete cowling for the engine (enclosing the engine mechanism and concealing dirt or grease), a flat floorboard (providing foot protection), and a prominent front fairing (providing wind protection) into a structural unit.

The Vespa was the first globally successful scooter.

8:42 PM

we`re having a lot of fun together with many activity done by group.there are 4 groups.ksbm and mubm had to combine together in 4 groups.on the first day,we had to setup our campsite and settle all the work in order to stay there in harmony for 3 group 2,the first activity that need us work together as a team is the teambuilding course.we play ice n water games and other mini games such as galah panjang,goreng pisang,and bom-bom game.what makes me puzzled and dissapoited is my group always lose the games that we play with other groups.hahahahah...but that not be the ending of our hope.our spirits come back when my group had been praised by lecturer because of our creativity in making logo.but the sky is not always bright,my group turns down when comes to second task that`s called vehicles group tired of brainstorming all the idea to perform an outstanding vehicle but our effort had fully rejected by lecturer.we build a `dream rocket` and they think the idea was to childish.i`m fully disagree with the statement because in my opinion all of 4 groups had perform the same.i can say that the whole activity just suitable for child and not fo us.

on the next comes the real journey.we enjoy jungle trekking in pulau riding a ferry we arrived at pangkor on the morning.first we walk to kota belanda and make some research there about the history of pangkor.then we ride the taxi tothe real jungle.we hiking until the checkpoint and going back to ferry after spending a lot of time in the jungle.on the evening,we go kayaking and do was unfortunate for me bacause i`m the last person got my kayak because im busy helping my friends bring their`s to the river..after about 2 hours of kayaking we having some tea party with the owner of kayaking club there.then we ride the bus back to our campsite.there be my first time swimming in the deep sea bacause before this i m afraid to go far from the beach.but with the lifejacket i gain my confidence to go out explore the ocean.under my conciousness there was a jellyfish not far from me,my face pale and i feel like i will suffer from muscle cramp there.but i finally take a fast action to stay calm and swim back to the beach.with the help of the tides i finally made it witout injuries.thank god..on that night we`re having the malam kebudayaan and what suprising me the most is im the m.c on that night.hahahah..i can saythat i`ve ruin the ceremony on that night by being such a worst m.c ever..

8:37 PM

aku mahu by dewa

7:25 PM

joinin da perarakan in padang kota..
ingatkan dekat..
skalik jauh maa..
letyh jalan..
sbaek jalan beramai2..
x a rase sgt kepenatan itu

5:28 PM

afiq rufy n me..
go to seberang semata2 nk cari tempat makan yg besh..
jauh gak a..
around 2 jam jalan..
baru sampai..
naek ZZR akak afiq tu..

11:41 AM


ni time mlm hari jadi dye..
bwk dye ronda2 area qbay..
dye nk sgt g kdai buku dalam tu..
so im fulfill his wish a..
bebekalkan moto afiq..
bwk dye ronda2 on dat nite..
rumate misali x???
joking only..

11:37 AM


its me..
mohd ridzal..
im playing dat bonang in gamelan..

11:33 AM


diz band col pluspill
sumtime maen ska..
jika digabungin jd a ska punk
ala2 plague of happiness...
dah gig merata mcm pouls place
setiawangsa n ampg point..
agak gempax ah kwn ngn dowg..
lot of memory wif them..
boy amir wan lai..

11:27 AM


main pool ngn amin n syahril
macam dak2
sbaik ak tidak membuli dan dibuli..

11:22 AM


ma function...
kdg men kibod..
kdg men gtar..
nk jd pe..

11:18 AM


11:13 AM


synonim inst withe them

ling hui-piano


jie xing-piano


how about me?????................................................;D

11:06 AM


on friday nite...
we gajusian hangin out together2 watchin midnite muvee at GSC QB..
we all are watchin the K20..
its a fiction muvee n most of us spent their time there by closing their eyes n r.i.p...;D..
x tgk muvee pn..membengak jek..
kecik paka faizul rafy fawas rizal kua same2 2 lg dak pinang...
by the time we want to get back...there`re so many cops do roadblock in each corner of Qbay..kecik who is the driver changin place wif me because he hadnt get his full license while the car that we ride on dat nite had not paste wif `P` sign..
so we decide to change place n pretending as rizal is a profesional driver although he drive like `tutt`..
thank god we are safe but rafy n fawas caught up on dat nite because thir motorcycle didnot show the `p` stickers..

10:50 AM


how about u all??
giv ur opinion on me..
iz da pixca true??

10:48 AM


kursus yg agak besh...
sempoi coz xtvt yg x padat..
sume xtvt bg input yg menarek..

10:39 AM

di bintangi oleh syahir,faizul rizal,fauzan and hasnor..
mempersembahkan lagu2 seperti
bunyi gitar
malam pesta muda mudi
bila larut malam

8:41 AM

Monday, April 20, 2009


look at that two guys..arent they seem like familiar to us??
dats me and anuar..
da teslian guy..
we go together on a trip to bukit bendera.theres so manu incident happens thre and what makes me laugh all da way of the trip is the incident which anuar had waiting for the bus almost one and half hour.he`s so stubborn and reluctant to our advice.hahahahaha.although he want to go back early to maktab,but the bus still arrive late and the bus onboard at the same time we all arrive there..
pity anuar..heheheh

2:06 AM


that day is one of my wonderful day in this so lucky because im choosen as one of the jpp`s committe members.
although it`s hard job for me but im trying my best to contribute to ipgm and all ma friends..the burden is not the question but what im thinking about is we must sincere doing everything in this world.

1:58 AM


abg myn and my sista zuriana on 18th of january 2009..on the left of this pixca that is ma dad with his green batik and is the color theme of our side on that day.

1:51 AM


on that night i had play with two band
1band of ukhuwah
2difya al mutafail

some songs that i play on that night is
di atas nama cinta
selawat n many more...

1:36 AM

its me...

About Me:
ma real name is mohd ridzal b saari..owg call me ijay~GTO~ryzal..dis year da abes spm aa..s2dyin in ipg..18 m3i n 06 m3i agk sweet ean 29sept lagik sweet kowt..huha..a lil'bit childish n ade ex unofficial akak yg shuke mmanjakan adek2nye..but skrg da bukan ma akak nymore laa~ hehe..smsahband alwayz in muh heart..well being born in in slangor~skewl name is sktt,sratt,jenan..s2d in college such uitm n maktab..hehe luv ma skewl a lot..not much to say actually..i'm a McD freak..i'm lovin'it..KAKASHI DA BEST!!though his not real...muahaha...i wanna meet ludwig van beethoven but his dead is my music means no me..hehe..2 all the gals out there,keep rockin'da world babes..4 darul aman rock!!luv all muh frenz..i'm really proud to be a smsahband members..thank u for all the sweet memories n experience..bye uitm..hye teacher2 skalian~

1:34 AM

they are ma lovely classmate..
there are 17 of us in class lead by puan juliet monica and cik bulbir kaur.

1:31 AM

group 2 in ppl activity`s..
rekreasi and kesenggangan
from top..
afiq rifa mell
rafy naqib jie
ima akak n ina

MUBM and KSBM had a collaboration with pjk department had an activity on 27~29 march.
we had a trip to telok batik and pangkor island.
in these picture..
there are ma team,we enjoy a lot of fun activity together there.
place that we go.......
kota belanda,

1:25 AM

this 3 gurls a,kdg2 bwat wa hepi..
kdg2 bikin gak wa pusiing..

but im enjoy and spent a lot happy moment with them.let me tell bout them secara ringkas.

azie is ma friend that i know her via frenster,dia dak kedah dok alor staq kowt..then im suprised that she studies with me in uitm.what frightened me is she studied in the same course with me in uitm.but,she now had hold the title as ex uitm because she is studying in ipgm kampus penang.we become friend since 2008 until now..

meanwhile,ezalya also ex uitm.she also get along with azie and me since we study together in uitm.after we all get the offer to ipgm,we are a bit suprised that three of us will studied together again in one ipgm,ezalya azie and me become more nearer and our bond getting stronger.hahahah..we love to travelling a lot.ezalya with her pinky kembara be the most important transport for us.

last,she is neynie come from key ell..hahah..although from kl she still a good gurl wut.not like other key ellian girls.she got so many rules at house.she also had a curfew whenever she arrived at her house.neynie had a beautiful voice among us,some of my music friends called her salom because neynie had sing one of saloma`s song..bila larut malam on the P RAMLEE`s night.actually,neynie come had a brilliant background of singing.she come from a boarding school in kl and be the leader of the persatuan nasyid there.

now u know...
how really special them to me...
recent place that we go together....

gurney plaza
bukit jambul
bukit bendera
bt feringgi
n a lot of place that i couldnt remember now...

1:09 AM

™mohd ridzal™
♫taman tasik,ampang♫
♫18th may 90♫
♫b.ed tesl(uitm)♫
♫degree in music edu (ipgm)♫
♫smsah band orchestra♫
♫smsah combo band♫
♫national youth symphony orchestra(nsyo)♫
♫kin zoo♫
♫new ska punk♫
♫quite childish=P♫
♫so skinny♫
♫dont like food♫
♫like sleeping always♫
♫hangout with frenz n cousin♫
♫go jamming,gig and concert?
♫mid,sogo,mines,klcc,pavi,ts,bb plaza,sg wang,low yat♫
♫surfing until sleeping♫
♫editing and photography♫
♫training guitar,trumpet,kibod n percussions♫